Tuesday 23rd October 2018


President Trump

‘Close The Whole Thing!’: Border Tensions Boil Over As Trump’s Frustrations Grow

- October 20, 2018

The Trump administration’s struggles to curtail illegal immigration have exposed a deep rift among the president and h...

Authorities Find 123 Missing Children

Authorities Find 123 Missing Children In Just One Day During A Michigan Sex Trafficking Operation

- October 10, 2018

More than 120 missing children have been found in just one day during a wide-scale law enforcement operation in Michigan...

Solar panels

California Governor Signs Law For Clean Energy By 2045

- September 11, 2018

California has passed a law committing to exclusively carbon-free electricity sources by 2045, setting it against US Pre...

Andrew Brunson

Andrew Brunson: US Hits Turkey With Sanctions Over Jailed Pastor

- August 2, 2018

The US has imposed sanctions on Turkey’s justice and interior ministers over the continued detention of American p...

Steve Ditko

Steve Ditko, Spider-Man Co-Creator and Legendary Comics Artist, Dies at 90

- July 7, 2018

Artist Steve Ditko, who co-created Spider-Man and Doctor Strange with Stan Lee, has died at age 90. The New York Police ...

Idaho knife attack

Idaho Knife Attack: Birthday Girl, 3, Dies After Being Stabbed At Her Party

- July 3, 2018

A three-year-old girl died of her injuries on Monday, after a knife attack at her birthday party left nine injured in Bo...

President Donald Trump

From G-7 To Kim Summit, ‘A Bad Week For American Strength Around The World’

- June 13, 2018

White House aides, ripping Canada’s prime minister over trade disputes at the G-7 gathering, vowed not to let him ...

Hawaii Volcano

Hawaii Volcano Spurs New Evacuations On Big Island After New Lava Fissures Reported

- May 14, 2018

New fissures have opened on Hawaii’s Big Island – bringing the total to 17 – spewing bits of bright re...

California gun deaths

Study: California Gun Deaths Declined Between 2000 And 2015

- April 25, 2018

Gun deaths have fallen in California over a 16-year period ending in 2015, driven largely by a decline in gang violence ...

Elon Musk pulls

Elon Musk Pulls Tesla And SpaceX From Facebook

- March 24, 2018

Entrepreneur Elon Musk has had the official Facebook pages for his Tesla and SpaceX companies deleted. The #deletefacebo...

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