Tuesday 15th October 2019

Car Bomb In Northern Ireland: Four Suspects Released

- January 22, 2019

The arrested on Monday are again at large. A 50-year-old is still in custody.


Four men arrested after the explosion of a car bomb in Northern Derry (Londonderry) are again at large. But a 50-year-old suspect remains in custody, informed the Northern Irish police authority PSNI late Monday evening via Twitter. The five men were arrested on suspicion of belonging to the militant New IRA group.

The bomb had detonated in the center of Derry on Saturday night in front of a court. No one was injured – probably because 15 minutes before the explosion, a warning had been received by the authorities and surrounding buildings were evacuated. Video footage showed how dangerous the situation was: just a few minutes before the attack, a group of people passed the vehicle. On Monday, the robbery of two cars by armed and masked men put the police again on alert. One of the cars was blown up as a precaution.

The action in the city on the border with Ireland recalls those dark decades during which the IRA led a guerrilla war against the British state and Protestant paramilitaries. It is unclear whether there is any connection with the ongoing Brexit negotiations on the planned EU exit from the United Kingdom. It is feared that the introduction of border controls between the Republic of Ireland, which continues to be a member of the EU, and Northern Ireland will re- launch the spiral of violence in the ex-civil war region.

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