Tuesday 15th October 2019

Mysterious Hole In ISS: Russia Wants To Attach Cameras

- March 7, 2019

In the future, surveillance cameras will be installed in the Russian section of the International Space Station ISS.

Russia’s space agency Roskosmos draws the consequence of a mysterious leak in a docked at the ISS Soyuz space capsule: There is the order to install surveillance cameras, said a Roskosmos spokesman on Wednesday, according to reports Russian media. A spaceman must still be prepared for this work. But first, the devices would have to be ordered, said the spokesman. It is still unclear where exactly the cameras are mounted.

The hole had been found in late August. In the affected part pressure had dropped. This had given rise to speculation, such as sabotage. One version was that an ISS crew member had deliberately drilled the hole for the return flight to take place earlier than planned. In addition, it was speculated that a technician on Earth had slipped with a drill and then secretly sealed the leak.

The leak was successfully sealed, but the cause is still unclear. Two cosmonauts had examined the affected area during an outdoor mission in early December. The German astronaut Alexander Gerst brought samples of the space capsule to Earth before Christmas. Experts hope to be able to clarify the cause.

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