Wednesday 18th September 2019

Nicolas Cage Appeared At The Lawyer’s Ball In Austria

- March 3, 2019

What a big surprise – Hollywood star Nicolas Cage visited the Lawyers’ Ball in the Vienna Hofburg on Saturday night.

Lawyer ball instead of opera ball – Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage has been staying in Vienna for a few days – he resides in the Nobel-Hotel Sacher. There he was also spotted on the day of the opera ball (last Thursday) – and it was already suspected that he might be able to visit the Staatsgewalze.

But, false report, but he walked the next day comfortably with an unknown beautiful lady in the Vienna city. And now the big surprise – he appeared at the lawyer’s ball in the Vienna Hofburg.

Earlier, it was announced that a Hollywood star had announced, but they asked for discretion.

Entertainer Gregor Glanz aired the secret on Saturday night and posted a picture with the US actor.

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