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Rcaf Pilot Killed In Cf-18 Crash Near Cold Lake, Alberta

- November 29, 2016

A CF-188 Hornet fighter jet has crashed near Cold Lake, Alberta, killing the pilot. The 401 Royal Canadian Air Force squadron was engaged in training exercises when the jet crashed around noon local time (19:00 GMT).

Air force spokesman Major Scott Spurr said the unnamed pilot had been confirmed dead.

Emergency services and flight safety crews are on site investigating the cause of the crash.

Major Spurr said it may take up to a year before the investigation is complete.

In 2010, another CF-188 Hornet crashed near Cold Lake during night-time training.

An inquiry found that night-time weather disoriented the pilot, who was able to safely eject from the plane before it crashed.

The Canadian government has committed to replacing the 30-year-old fleet of CF-18 over the next five years.

Canada cannot currently meet its commitments to the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and the North American Aerospace Defense Command with its aging fleet of CF-18s.

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