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A Guitar Obsession Comes With Surprising Benefits

- November 28, 2016

It’s hard being a guitar addict. Unless you’ve had a career like Eric Clapton, then there’s no way your obsession will ever come close to the rocker’s collection in size or value. That can be a bitter pill to swallow, especially when you’re constantly on the lookout for a new addition to join the rest of your babies. Whatever you budget is, it’s not enough—at least, to you. It may be another story to others when you already have several instruments filling up your basement. You could find yourself having to defend your hobby (and spending habits) to your family. The next time you get ambushed, keep the following things in mind.

First of all, quality musical instruments aren’t always out of your financial reach. There are stores like Long & McQuade that make it possible to get your hands on popular brand names without breaking the bank. The selection of Gibson guitars at Long & McQuade, for example, comes in moderately priced models and luxury signature models to appease any price limit. From the legendary Les Paul to a more exclusive Gibson guitar like the 50th Anniversary ’63 ES-335, there’s something for every skill level, style, and budget.

Secondly, your collection of Gibson guitars isn’t just a consumerist habit. Neither is it just a means of looking cool, though a Les Paul does look amazing in your hands. Playing music comes with physical and mental benefits that make you a better version of yourself. Studies have linked regular practice with sharper cognitive abilities. Every time you invest in deliberate practice, you’re strengthening synapses in the same areas of the brain responsible for communication, arithmetic, and problem solving. Having this many acoustic and electric guitars to play around with will constantly test your skills, keeping your fine motor control, coordination, and mental acuity sharp.

Thirdly, your collection comes with emotional benefits that can keep you calm and level-headed. Studies have shown your body releases endorphins (those feel good hormones) when you get to play the various electric and acoustic guitars in your basement. As you let the melody flow from your fingers and these hormones flood your system, you’re naturally relieving stress, improving your mood, and decreasing your blood pressure. As your fret work unleashes your body’s magic, you’re also getting to express your emotions. Your Gibson guitar is a creative outlet that lets you articulate your thoughts and feelings in a healthy way.

Once you provide such an air-tight casein favour of your collection, your critics will find it challenging to find flaws in your argument. It may be hard being a guitar addict, but it doesn’t have to be any harder with family breathing down your neck about your hobby and habits. Remember these facts and protect your obsession.

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