Tuesday 15th October 2019

Pop Star Ariana Grande Is Embarrassing Herself With A Misspelled Tattoo

- January 31, 2019

Pop star Ariana Grande is a vegan. The tattoo on her hand means by mistake “little charcoal grill”.

With a misspelled tattoo pop star Ariana Grande has become embarrassingly popular. The US singer actually wanted the tattoo to name her single hit “7 Rings” on her palm with Japanese characters – but the result was the word “shichirin”, a small Japanese charcoal grill. Internet users made the 25-year-old, appropriately a vegan, quickly aware of the error.

In later deleted tweets, Grande admitted the mishap; it lacks a symbol. But she emphasized that the tattoo will not last long anyway – the skin on the palm of the hand grows faster, tattoos are therefore blurred. Internet users reacted with ridicule to the mistake.

Grandes hit “7 Rings” has been viewed more than 100 million times on YouTube and stormed to the top of the US charts.

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