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“Star Trek” Without End: Really Endless Spaces

- January 17, 2019

“Discovery” enters the second round, Captain Picard returns – and a whole new series is coming too.

One can only hope that “Discovery” continues an old tradition of “Star Trek” TV series. Not only once – we mean, “Deep Space 9″! – The first season was a bit of a joke, before it turned out to be a worthy” Spaceship Enterprise” -law.

Also the “Discovery” drove so far rather on Warp 1, in addition to the rolling course: The first season of the most recent “Star Trek” series has a gruff atmosphere, a lot of mutual aversion among the main characters and some previously only half counted the nerves of the seer challenged. And has shaken up some of what the “Star Trek” fans consider a canon.

The “Discovery” series is located in front of the well-known spaceship Enterprise. And relatively close.

So now, at the beginning of the second season starting on Friday at Netflix, a well-known figure can visit the Discovery: Captain Pike, who was the first captain of the Enterprise in the original series.

And – careful, spoiler danger! – Another classic figure has her appearance. Fascinating!

As a result, the first impression of the new season is likely to swing into calmer waters- and in the more obstructive than physical narration, which one is used to from “Star Trek”. The spanning plot revolves around seven mysterious signals and a red angel. According to US media reports, the narrative tone is more reflective and less belligerent than last.

And the longing of the fans for the created by Gene Roddenberry Starfleet universe should not be satisfied. Two new “Star Trek” series are announced (and also an animated one). One with the- Caution, trigger- best captain ever: Jean-Luc Picard (“The Next Century”) returns.

Patrick Stewart announced last year that he will resume his role. Now there are first details: Picard will be shown in a “radically different life,” said Alex Kurtzman, showrunner on “Discovery”, to the Hollywood Reporter. Stewart said: “If we do it, then it’s completely different”- and in view of the new story idea a “big grin” shown.

When the series will be seen, is still unclear.

And the “Discovery” gets a spin-off: Michelle Yeoh as captain Philippa Georgiou- which occurred in the first episode of “Discovery” – get a series, the US broadcaster CBS has announced.

There will be no new cinema release so soon: The fourth part of the movie reissue with Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto has been canceled.

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