Tuesday 15th October 2019

Trump Plan: US Partners Should Pay More For US Soldiers

- March 10, 2019

States should pay 150 percent more, but Germany would have to shell out half a billion dollars more each year.

Ivo Daalder calls the plans “absurd” and a “fundamental affront”. If becomes reality, which according to media reports is currently being calculated in the US Department of Defense, the US military-political relationship with its allies would turn into an “army for rent,” the former US Ambassador to NATO said. Reason: Because the efforts of the NATO partners to increase contributions to the Western defense alliance go too slow, President Donald Trump, according to research by the intelligence service has set a different set screw for the deployment of American soldiers to countries such as Japan(about 40,000 GIs), Germany (33,000) or South Korea (28,000) will be charged in future the full cost, plus a surcharge of 50 percent.

In the latter case, there is the option of a discount for “good behavior” or policies that are to be brought into line with those of America. A final decision had not yet been made, Bloomberg said. However, the plans have progressed much further than previously publicly known. The sums involved can be seen from a calculation presented by David Ochmanek, a military expert at the Rand Corp. think tank. Accordingly, Germany currently denies 28 percent of the costs for the stationed in the Federal Republic of US troops costs of one billion dollars per year. Should the 150 percent bar be created, this would mean a “cost explosion”.

Both in the Pentagon and in the Foreign Ministry, the direction given by Trump has triggered “shock waves”, insiders say. Long-time allies would be so unsettled. What bothers experts in particular: With his tone, Trump gives the impression that US military facilities abroad predominantly exist for the benefit of the respective country. “The truth is against it,” former US-NATO Ambassador Douglas Lute said, “we entertain them because they serve our interests.” In Germany, for example, the Landstuhl Medical Center or the Ramstein Air Force Hub are institutions run by the USA be used on a geopolitical scale.

That Trump wants allied nations to demand “user fees” for the US military as the international security expert at the Washington Post, David Ignatius called, has in diplomatic circles in Washington triggered shake of his head, “is with the constant emphasis on the cost-benefit calculus further undermine confidence across the Atlantic in America, “said a Europe expert from the State Department. The White House has so far not commented.

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