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Fitbit Now Has Female Health Tracking And Quick Replies

- May 8, 2018

Fitbit has introduced two new features: “female health tracking,” available on the iOS and Windows apps (with Android coming later), and quick replies for Android users with an Iconic or Versa. Additionally, Fitbit has announced it now supports several additional health-related apps.

Fitbit announced that female health tracking was coming a couple months ago when the company unveiled the Versa. It lets you log data about your menstrual cycle and record details about symptoms like cramps or acne.

Fitbit will then take this information to make cycle predictions that should get more accurate the longer you use it (and actively log information). You can then see this information along with all your other Fitbit data, like activity, sleep, and weight, in one place within the app.

There will also be general information about topics like the menstrual cycle and fertility as well as a community tab where women can connect with others around these topics to get support and talk about things like trying to conceive and menopause. Starting this month, Fitbit users who have identified themselves as female in their profile will receive a notification that female health tracking is available, and they can opt-in.

Fitbit has also introduced five prepopulated responses that Android users can take advantage of. The default responses — “yes,” “no,” “sounds good!,” “can’t talk now, will reply later,” and “what’s up?” — can be used in response to texts or messages in apps like Facebook Messenger. If you like, these default messages can be customized, but they need to be 60 characters or under.

Fitbit has also introduced some new apps that will help you monitor your wellness, like Sickweather, a crowdsourcing community for mapping illnesses, and glucose monitoring app Dexcom. Other apps Fitbit now supports include Diplomat Pharmacy Inc., Fitabase, Go365 by Humana, Limeade, One Drop, and Walgreens.

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