Saturday 20th July 2019

Intel Wants Pcs To Be More Than Just “Personal Computers”

- June 2, 2018

Your smartphone is probably the computer you rely on most throughout the day. But Intel thinks there’s still a place for PCs. They’ve gone from being huge desktops to laptops, convenient all in ones, and convertible machines that can twist, turn and mimic tablets. At Computex next week, Intel’s Client Computing head Gregory Bryant will lay out his vision of what’s next with PCs — and that starts with redefining what that term actually means.

While that doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, Intel’s new mission lines up with Microsoft’s embrace of Windows as a productivity platform. Your smartphone is great for wasting time on Facebook and Snapchat, but it’s not as convenient for typing out long documents, diving into spreadsheets or editing audio and video.

Bryant says Intel will focus on five key areas to reframe its vision of PCs: Uncompromised performance (of course); improved connectivity with 5G on the horizon; a dramatic increase in battery life; developing more adaptable platforms that go beyond 2-in-1s and convertibles; and a push towards more intelligent machines with AI and machine learning integration. Admittedly, many of those points aren’t exactly new for Intel, and they also fall in line with where the computing industry is going.

Last year, Intel, Microsoft and Qualcomm also announced their Always Connected PC initiative, which aimed to delivery low-power computers with integrated mobile data. That didn’t exactly take off, but it laid the groundwork for where the company is headed next.

It’s not surprising to hear Intel wants to focus on 5G this year, since we can expect carriers to start rolling out their next-generation networks in 2019. The company plans to show off several computers with 5G integrated, which will not only offer faster bandwidth, but significantly lower latency than 4G LTE.

As for new form factors, we can expect to see convertibles and 2-in-1s get even thinner and more powerful over the next few years. But that also lays the groundwork for things we haven’t even thought of yet.

While every company is trying to shove “AI” into their product descriptions these days, Bryant aims to show off one way the technology could be implemented in a PC during his keynote: By playing imaginary drums.

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